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Veterinary Dental Workshops


Unless otherwise stated, all courses take place at our premises at: 81 Belgrave Hallam Road, Hallam, VIC, 3803, Phone: (03) 8786 3970.

Since the majority of companion animals older than 3 years have periodontal disease, and a large number fracture their teeth, recognition and treatment of oral disease is very important. Timely veterinary intervention can not only treat periodontal disease but can also enhance the medicine and profitability of your practice.


Endodontics (Root Canals)


Date: 16th-17th August 2018

Who can attend: Veterinarians with an ANZCVS membership and bring a nurse to assist

81 Belgrave-Hallam Rd, Hallam Vic 3803

Endodontics or the treatment of the tooth’s root and pulp canals, gives the veterinarian disease management options other than extraction. The tooth root comprises a significant portion of the jaw integrity and extraction may not be only difficult but leads to a weakened jaw bone. Tooth preservation enables the animal to maintain its dentition and prevents further injury. Whether providing endodontic treatment for a slab fracture of the maxillary carnassial tooth or a canine tooth, endodontic therapy gives the veterinarian important treatment options. Radiology forms a major component in the endodontic discipline and attendance at the radiology course or evidence of radiology skills and access to radiographic equipment in the clinic is a pre-requisite. This course provides diagnosis of tooth pathology and the delivery of treatment will discuss indications for root canal therapy, equipment and materials required for root canal therapy, debridement and obturation techniques, restorative materials and their usage as applied to endodontic access sites.

Book Workshop 16th-17th August 2018

Canine Analgesia & Oral Surgery Extractions in the Canine


Date: 19th October 2018

Who can attend: Veterinarians

A number of companion animals do not receive adequate periodontal homecare and suffer advanced dental pathology that requires oral surgery including extractions. A large number of fractures are not able to be saved by endodontic treatment and require extraction, so analgesia and an easy, less traumatic tooth removal is ideal. At this course you will greatly improve your dental skills as we cover: Analgesia and use of local analgesic agents, anatomy for nerve blocks, simple and surgical extractions, raising a muco-gingival flap, osteotomy techniques, tooth sectioning, and closure of oro-nasal fistulas.

Book Workshop 19th October 2018

Saving Teeth Alternatives to Extraction


Date: May 24th 2018, June 23rd 2018, Oct 25th 2018

Who can attend: Veterinarians

81 Belgrave-Hallam Rd, Hallam Vic 3803

Tooth pathology limited to the crown

  • Conditions: 1. Uncomplicated crown fractures – enamel and dentine exposed – pulp NOT exposed (T/FX/UCF); 2. Enamel hypoplasia or carious lesion, 3. Recent complicated crown fractures – pulp exposure <48hrs (T/FX/CCF).
  • Treatment: composite restoration, vital pulp capping.

Periodontally affected tooth

  • Conditions: 1. Increased periodontal sulcus depth or pocket formation, 2. Furcation exposure, 3. Gingival recession.
  • Treatment: subgingival curettage, placement of bone graft material, dentinal bonding techniques

Linguoversion of mandibular canine teeth (304,404)

  • Treatment: coronal extensions, construction of an incline plate

Book Workshop 24th May 2018 Book Workshop 23rd June 2018 Book Workshop 25th October 2018

Dentistry and Anaesthesia


Date: 25th - 28th September 2018

Who can attend:

Seaworld Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland

Commencing with drinks and canapés on the 25th in the beautiful SeaWorld Resort on the Gold Coast, and extending over 3 days of morning lectures and case studies, with the afternoon to enjoy at SeaWorld, Drs David Clarke and Leah Bradbury will guide you through the world of dentistry and anaesthesia. Each day is themed: 26th (Age considerations: the juvenile and the geriatric); 27th (Brachcephalic Considerations; Local analgesia and workshop); 28th Trouble Shooting Common Complications and How To Avoid Them; and Case Studies from the Attendees). Come join us on the Gold Coast with your family and enjoy the sun, surf, SeaWorld, Movie World and of course some dentistry and anaesthesia.

Book Conference 25th - 28th September 2018

Feline Dentistry


Date: 13th October 2018

Who can attend: Veterinarians

81 Belgrave-Hallam Rd, Hallam Vic 3803

Topics Covered in the Webinars and Workshops include:

  1. Radiography – Improve your skills in taking radiographs and recognising subgingival pathology
  2. Nerve blocks – How to administer reliable nerve blocks
  3. Extractions – Enhance your extraction skills – tips and techniques for simpler feline extractions.
  4. Discussion on best practice to handle feline inflammatory disease and stomatitis cases.

All attendees will have access to radiography equipment (shared between 2-3/group) and individual feline cadavers, high speed equipment and hand instruments.  Course fee includes a use of a cadaver, access to equipment, lunch and a take home set of feline hand instruments (periodontal probe, 1.3S-XS elevator, Winged #1 elevator, Molt 2/4 elevator, Minnesota retractor, extraction forceps).  Other instruments are available to purchase on the day at discounted rate.


Book Workshop 13th October 2018