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Why Veterinary Dentistry?

Oral pathology is the most common, most diagnosed, most often- recognized health problem we see in our companion animals.

On a daily basis in practice we see many diseases that should have been preventable, can be treated or may be managed. Dental issues need to initially be recognised, followed by a thorough COHA (Complete Oral Health Assessment) and then treated using general anaesthesia, radiographs, the dental procedure and oral homecare. A successful outcome is often dictated by commitment by all three parties: the veterinarian, the patient and the owner.

Consider the facts:

  • 85% of all dogs and cats three years of age and older have some degree of dental disease, which requires treatment and/or preventative care.
  • If untreated, periodontal disease may lead to systemic disease, which can shower the lungs and body with bacteria.
  • Pet dentistry should not be an elective procedure, rather a part of the animal’s daily routine and a part of you practice protocol.
  • Dentistry will bond the client to the practice.
  • Dentistry is profitable in many forms: it adds healthy years to the pet’s life, provides an interest to the veterinary team, as well as, an income stream to maintain a financially healthy business.

Veterinary Dental Education Centre

An amalgamation of our five pillars of dentistry, the site is for you: the veterinarian, the veterinary practice, the veterinary student, the client and the pet.

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Veterinary Dental Workshops

Do you want to increase your knowledge in most areas of general practice dentistry? Would you like to be able to perform a complete and thorough oral examination and understand the treatment options pertaining to the pathology that you find? Or have a working knowledge of periodontal disease and setting up home care programs? How about knowing when to take a radiograph and be able to interpret it?

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What our clients say

"David is an articulate & excellent teacher. He starts at the basics and works up to technically complex procedures. He is an excellent teacher. I learnt so much and have been able to save the teeth of the animals in my care since attending David's workshop."

Karen Thompson BVSc, Christchurch, New Zealand

Veterinary Dentistry Portal

Welcome to the Veterinary Dental Education Centre. A resource for you: the veterinarian and the veterinary student.

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