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Servotome High Frequency Surgical and Cautery Unit

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The Servotome is a high frequency electro cautery unit especially designed for dental surgery. Supplied with 16 electrodes, foot-switch and autoclavable handle, the Servotome is perfectly designed for gingival surgery, as well as, dermal applications. The Servotome has adjustable cutting and cautery controls for fine control and ideal cutting. Gingivoplasty (removal of hyperplastic gingival tissue in Boxers, gingivoplasty where excessive pockets are present in periodontal cases, oral neoplasia, biopsy of oral tissues, incisions for mucogingival flap surgery.

– Power: 50W / 375Ω
– Frequency: 1.8MHz ± 0.7MHz
– Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height): 240 x 250 x 110mm – Weight: 1.2kg

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Standard Unit, With high frequence electrode Kit